“You Are My Best Friend And More”

Prasanna could not take his eyes off of Sruthi. And neither could Sruthi take her eyes off of him because the couple had their hearts brimming with love. Their dream came true and they decided to enter into a wedlock. Gentle thoughts of love flowed from their hearts and they decided to do a pre wedding photoshoot. It seemed like they wanted to capture how they loved each other. Laugh often and live well were the duo’s mantra. The couple’s euphoria knew no bounds and they enjoyed every second and every frame. They romanced, enjoyed each others presence, were in deep love and we could guess that.

A scooter is always the favourite in a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A quiet road and the couple riding a new scooter has been my favorite scene. The shot where the scooter was parked in the middle of the empty road came out pretty well. It was Sruthi’s turn as she grabbed the scooter and instructed Prasanna to sit in the pillion. He obliged and started enjoying the pillion ride. Did poor Prasanna had any choice? As they rode, they gently swayed their legs and we never blinked to catch the moment. It was picture perfect and especially relevant for the portfolio. The chemistry between the couple was awesome and consequently the pre wedding shoot started proceeding pretty well.

Props and Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Prasanna and Sruthi were at ease and were quite natural when they were holding the props in their hands. Props used in this pre-wedding photography event were simple and evoked the couple’s passion. The emotions they displayed were phenomenal. The vibrant bougainvillea provided for a nice backdrop. In addition to the colorful flowers, the greenery too offered a great setting.

The Salubrious Evening of the Pre Wedding Shoot

Our tender hearts blooming as flowers, every day, every morning,
So bright and vivid, is their pink, so enchanting, so stunning.
The gentle touch of the flowers so nice,
They calm us down to make us wise.
You are my soul, full of beauty and grace,
Let me walk you all life, in perfect pace.