“Infinite Love”

A quite morning along the shore was turned romantic by the adorable couple. The lashing waves brought with it a soothing music that set both hearts aflame. Dheepthi and Somnath were definitely a made-for-each-other couple who never seemed to miss a moment to beam a smile at each other. The love for each other was unceasable.

Dheepthi’s red floral designed saree seemed as the best combination to Somnath’s white shirt . As her saree swayed and danced to the tunes of the gentle sea breeze, it was indeed a delightful poetry.

The joy of wanting to clasp close to each others warm embrace, shows their eternal love. “Your body and soul are mine”, seem to be the oft repeated phrase coming out of each other’s thoughts. We were mesmerized by their devotion for each other and it was when, we could sense what real love is.

We share a few moments from this adorable couple shoot.