“Mother’s love is limitless”

The outdoor shoot of a happy mother. Outdoor shoots have always been lively and boisterous, and I seem to enjoy them given the fact that I love to travel. The reality is, traveling is a valuable teacher and has taught me what I am. It continues to teach me and in that process, it is constantly molding me.

We can never forget those amazing days when we shot the wedding of Madhu and Sathish. With this lovely couple, we never felt shooting their pictures as a work. We felt shooting them as a duty straight from our heart. And when we were called for a maternity shoot, I can hardly contain my joy.

Madhu looked absolutely gorgeous and she was at ease when we shot the pictures. The shot at the pool was mesmerizing indeed. The adorableness of pregnancy creates an absolute awe on the ingenuity of nature.

Here are some lively pictures of this happy mother