Telugu Wedding: A Celebration of Tradition, Ceremonies, and Rituals

Telugu Wedding: A Celebration of Tradition, Ceremonies, and Rituals

A Telugu wedding, also known as “Telugu Vadhu Varan,” is a bright and cheerful ceremony that symbolises the rich cultural legacy of the Telugu-speaking people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in southern India. This joyous occasion is celebrated by a variety of traditional rites and rituals that bring family and friends together to celebrate the union of two souls.

Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Telugu Wedding


The Pendlikoothuru ceremony kicks off the Telugu wedding festivities. The bride and groom are anointed with oil and turmeric paste individually by married women from their respective households in this tradition. The ceremony represents purification as well as the blessings of the elders.


For the groom, the Snathakam ceremony is an essential pre-wedding ritual. It entails shaving his head ceremonially, symbolising his change from bachelor to married man. The groom’s family blesses him and gives him new clothes.

Mangala Snaanam

On the wedding day, both the bride and the groom take a Mangala Snaanam, or ceremonial bath. The bath, which is accompanied by prayers, is said to cleanse the couple’s bodies and souls before they embark on their new journey together.

Wedding Ceremonies in a Telugu Marriage

Kashi Yatra

The Kashi Yatra is one of the most lighthearted and humorous ceremonies of a Telugu wedding. The groom claims to go for Kashi (an old sacred city) in search of knowledge, but the bride’s brother persuades him to marry instead. This represents the groom’s desire to assume his husbandly responsibilities.

Mangalya Dharana

The Mangalya Dharana ceremony involves the groom tying the sacred thread known as the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. It represents their union and acceptance of one another as life partners. As a mark of his love and dedication, the groom also gives the bride a new sari.

Jeelakarra Bellam

The bride and groom apply a paste composed of cumin seeds and jaggery on each other’s heads during the Jeelakarra Bellam rite. This symbolises their resolve to endure the ups and downs of married life with love and understanding.


The most important component of a Telugu wedding is the Saptapadi ritual. It entails the bride and husband exchanging seven sacred vows in front of a holy fire. With each step, they commit to support and care for one another, to cherish their relationship, and to strive together to create a peaceful and happy future.

Post-Wedding Rituals in a Telugu Wedding


The bride is welcomed into the groom’s home after the wedding in a ritual known as Grihapravesham. The pair seeks the elders’ blessings and enters the house together, signifying the start of their new life as a married couple.


The bride and her new sisters-in-law interact in a lighthearted manner during the Moosiikamma rite. They play games, exchange gifts, and deepen their link, building a sense of love and camaraderie among the family members.


The groom’s family will normally provide a lavish celebration to welcome the newlywed couple to extended family, friends, and acquaintances. It is a time of joy, celebration, and feasting, generally accompanied by music, dancing, and cultural performances.

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A Telugu wedding combines age-old traditions, colourful rites, and poignant ceremonies to commemorate the merging of two souls and the joining of two families. Every stage of the wedding journey, from pre-wedding ceremonies to post-wedding celebrations, is filled with love, joy, and the blessings of the elders. It is a treasured occasion that not only enhances the couple’s love but also serves as a reminder of the Telugu community’s rich cultural past.